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Pottery Painting

paint your own pottery, pottery art, pottery painting

 Choose your pottery piece, grab your paints and get crafty!  We have stencils, stamps, sea sponges, idea books and even Nevada & Lake Tahoe templates to help even the less artsy individuals create fabulous masterpieces! Firing takes 1-3 days. 

Chunky Candle Making


 Build colorful, chunky candles! Choose from over 35 scents like Ocean, Chai, Cotton Candy etc. Choose your shape or glass container, we have hearts, stars, flowers, pillars and more! Top with glitter/fun shapes/shells etc. Take home the same visit!  


Make mosaics, mosaic art

 Choose from a variety of wood shapes, like mountains, stars, bears and even the shapes of Nevada & Lake Tahoe! Find your colors, glue your choice of gems, glass bits, and more. Take home today! 

Succulent Gardens

Fairy gardens, gnomes, gnome gardens, succulents

Create a Gnome or Fairy Garden!  Choose from an array of succulents, cacti, and various plants.  Select from a variety of containers, grab some soil and get planting!   Top it off with the ground cover of your choice...mosses, sea glass, shells, colorful rocks and more. 

Fairies, gnomes and garden accessories can be added for the final touch!  Take home today

Slime Station

make slime, slime charms, rainbow slime, crunchy slime, fluffy slime

  We have everything needed to make really cool SLIME!  Try *Galaxy* *Crunchy* *Fluffy* and *Unicorn* to name a few!  $15 includes slime ingredients, color, glitter, scent, textures like glow in the dark sand, and a container to keep it in!  Charms and add-in's are a little extra. Please call ahead if you have a group. Ages 4 and up. Take today! 

Canvas Painting

canvas painting, acrylics, canvas

 It's simple!  Choose your canvas size, find  inspiration with our idea books, stencils, stamps and samples. Then paint your "ART" out!  We are here to help guide you through the process. Take home today.