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Fundraisers.  Tile fundraiser. School fundraiser.

How it Works!


Host a fundraiser for your school and raise funds FAST, together with

All Fired Up! We offer pottery painting, candle making, succulent gardens & mosaics!  It's simple!  Just choose your project or event, we will help you with the rest!  We are flexible and can work with your needs and ideas.

This is a unique, creative and collaborative way to raise needed funds for your

school…Get the teachers, students and families together for a fun event, add to an existing event, OR simply have everyone come to our studio, at their convenience to complete a fun project, which you can offer year round!

We don't do fundraisers during December so please plan accordingly.

Interested?  Email us at: allfiredupreno@gmail or call 775-470-8330 ask for Olivia

Tile Fundraiser


Beautify a wall, courtyard, park benches, tables, tree planters,

library, or? with tiles hand painted by the kids, teachers and families of your school. 

1.  The school purchases the tiles for: $6 for 4” tiles (min 50) or $8 for 6” tiles (min 20)

2.  Then you sell them to the parents/families at the price you choose for a great profit!

--We’ve seen $20 - $75 per tile! --Families love to leave a lasting memory in the school for their children to re-visit in the years to come…

3. Plan an event, or add this fun activity to an event, or simply pre-sell the tiles & the families can complete the tiles in our studio.

"Souper Bowl" Party

 This concept is similar to the Tile Fundraiser, except that the families paint bowls or mugs that they get to keep or give as gifts, (think holidays, mothers day etc.) Eg: The kids paint bowls, then you can do a souper bowl party, eat ice cream or chili out of the bowls & give out prizes to the "Souper Students & Teachers"  School price per bowl or mug is $10, (min 20) and can be sold for $20.  Offer this fun activity at the school’s next event or pre sell & have the families come into our studio to paint them. à100 families = $1000 for the school  

Auction Items


1. Choose item(s) from our studio. (Examples: popcorn bowl,

cookie jar, set of plates, giant platter with handmade candles, succulent garden, mosaic, etc.) 

2. Have the kids paint designs, do handprints, poems etc. onto pottery, OR ask your art

teacher to direct a class and do a set of “Picasso Portrait Plates” or a “Monet” theme on an item mentioned above, and/or make candle creations, mosaics…the ideas are endless! 

3. Then AUCTION them off at the next event for LOTS of $$$. 

Give Back Event


 Plan a day/night or even a week for families to come to our studio and 

We will donate 10% of all proceeds from those sales back to your school